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Exploring the Value of Co-creation from Resident and Traveler











  The core concept of regional revitalization is to solve problems such as the aging population and urban rural disparities in development and the disappearance of local living circles. The main driving force is "people", getting local residents to stay in their hometowns to promote local characteristics, residents are willing to return to their hometowns to invest in local industries, and non-locals are willing to migrate to create a local industry. which is the important task of regional revitalization. As stated above, it is important that understanding settled population and related population for regional revitalization. Thus we will propose structure model to clarify relationship between Tamsui residents and exchanges population-tourists base on social exchange theory and Social identity theory, and to understand how residents' emotional attachment to Tamsui and their perception of tourism development affect the co-creation value with tourists, and how tourists 's experience co- creation influence on their place attachment, satisfaction, and loyalty. This study uses questionnaire surveys. A total of 845 questionnaires were distributed to residents and tourists. Of questionnaires were collected. The effective return sample rate reached 99%. The result from AMOS, it can be that(1)Residents' place attachment significantly affect tourism development 's positive impacts cognition.(2)Residents' tourism development positive impacts cognition significantly affect co-creation value interaction with tourist.(3)Tourists' co-creation value experience significantly affect their place attachment and satisfaction.(4) Tourists' place attachment and satisfaction significantly affect their loyalty. From this result, we can know that the residents' place attachment and the perception of the positive impact of tourism development are the prerequisites for co-creation value with tourists, and tourists' co- creation value experience with local will increase loyalty through place attachment and satisfaction. Finally, this research provides suggestions on the promotion Regional Revitalization in Tamsui. Finally, the results of this study not only underline social exchange theory and social identity theory, but also suggest that tourism planners can enhance the intention of loyalty behavior by enhancing the tourists 's place attachment in the experience.

Keyword: Placemaking, Relational Demographics, Regional Revitalization, Social Exchange Theory, Social identity theory, Co-creation value


地方創生 (中+英) Oral Presentation on Regional Revitalization

2:10 PM - 3:30 PM

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