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The Relationship between Multicultural Experience and Creativity







  Vast and diverse life experience and knowledge are the basis to creativity (Amabile, 1988; Cheng & Wang, 2002). Considering problems from different cultural perspectives may allow the individuals to see various possibilities to solving the problem. Multicultural experience may originate from individual’s life experience and interaction and exchange with others. Besides the acquisition of knowledge and cultural values, education needs to encompass the exchange of multicultural experiences. Different cultural values can nurture various competencies that may be encouraged in varying cultural backgrounds and environments (Runco, 2006). This study conducts a literature review on the relationship between multicultural experience and creativity. Differing types of multicultural experience and contact seems to enhance personal creativity (e.g. Leung, Maddux, Galinsky, and Chiu, 2008); the multicultural experience include aspects such as studying abroad (e.g. Lee, Therriault & Linderholm, 2012), close intercultural social relationship (e.g. Lu et al., 2017), and multicultural interaction (e.g. Aytug, Rua, Brazeal, Almaraz & González, 2018). The results show that the depth and breadth of multicultural experience enhance individuals’ appreciation of cultural diversity, broaden their perspective, and allow them to possess more creativity and innovation skills. Also, cultural diversity is one of the origin of creative performances while there are still cultural differences in creativity.

Keywords: Multicultural Experience, Creativity, Cultural Diversity


創造力教育 (英) Oral Presentation on Creativity Education

3:35 PM-4:55 PM

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