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Teaching Content Courses in English with Case Study Approach to Non-Native English Speakers

George Wang

Soka University

  As English has often been referred to as, de facto, the language of global business, teaching content courses in English has been a very important trend in Asian countries in recent years. Japan, in particular, initiated a “Top Global Universities” project in 2010 which has become a driving force for each university to establish at least one English-medium undergraduate program. Since most students are non-native English speakers, instructors are suggested to be mindful in adapting course setups, contents, and examples to the local environment which has hence become a task, and even somewhat a challenge, for instructors in all disciplines. Among the important learning strategies, the case study method has long been a popular active-teaching approach as it engages students into active-learning in the field of business. The third discussion of the panel will center on the implementation of the case study method in the EMI the context of business. During the presentation, the specific steps of implementing case studies are outlined. Suggestions will be provided taking into consideration the complexity of historical and cultural background in East Asia. Examples will be given based on the presenter’s teaching experience in Japanese college business classrooms.

Keywords: Top Global Universities case study method   active-teaching approach

active-learning EMI (English as a Medium of Instruction)


當前英語教學與全英語授課創新與創意 Innovation and Creativity in Current Language Teaching and English as a Medium of Instruction

2:10 PM-3:30 PM

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